Do you dream of having straight teeth, but don’t want to wear traditional braces? Now you can, thanks to Invisalign’s invisible orthodontic treatment. This new technique consists of wearing a series of transparent, removable aligners for two weeks each. The procedure is just as effective as traditional braces and can fix many problems, like overlapping, misaligned or spaced-out teeth.

An orthodontic treatment promotes excellent oral health by preventing the premature wear of your teeth and joint problems. And it also enhances your smile. During your consultation, we will check your dental health and repair any cavities. Then, we will take a dental impression to make your custom aligners.

How Invisalign works:

  • Strategically-placed fixtures on your teeth exert a slight pressure to shift them
  • Each custom-made aligner is worn for approximately two weeks
  • The aligners are removable. You must take them off before eating, drinking and brushing your teeth
  • The duration of the treatment is similar to a traditional orthodontic treatment

Speak with one of our team members for more information about Invisalign. We will be happy to answer your questions.